Fourteenth Tribe
(It is considered an offense to display the banner of Fourteenth Tribe with those of the Thirteen. There must always be a buffer.)



Are you a fan of Epic Fantasy?

Do you appreciate a reluctant heroine who, despite the risk, heeds the call?

(Why should guys have all the fun?)

If you are on this page, you are a seeker--
so are most of the characters in the Colony Series. Unusual characters, a setting that crosses between two earthly worlds, one visible and one hidden, and an epic quest await you. Join the story and find out what part you may be playing.


Books Now in the
Colony Series


Among Us (where it all begins)
(heroine awakes)
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Colony
(companion book)
Setting Seed
(first of the Chronicles)

Books Coming to the Colony Series

Falling Fallow (in production)

Two More Working Titles:

Final Harvest



For more information on the individual books:
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This website... designed to offer a glimpse into the possibility that you may indeed be, at least in part, a member of the Thirteenth or Fourteenth Tribes. Or, even more remarkably—there may be a sleeping Ancient inside you.

Select one of the tribe banners above for an overview of the characteristics of that tribe.

This site is limited to a brief description of each tribe. If your curiosity is peaked, order a copy of


 The Essential Hitchhiker's Guide to Colony, The Colony Series: Volume 7


which contains more details on the various tribes, plus origins of Colony, and a number of side and back stories.

Soft Cover and Kindle

We strongly recommend the soft cover version of this work so you may fully appreciate the many symbols and graphics.



The Essential Hitchhiker’s
Guide to Colony

before reading books one and two,

 Among Us: The Colony Series Volume 1 and Awakenings: The Colony Series Volume 2

could detract from the reading experience due to ‘spoilers’ in the content.

Missing the foundation knowledge about Colony and the background of the characters found in the first two stories will limit the reader's ability to 'connect the dots' when reading The Chronicles.

So be kind to yourself and read Among Us and Awakenings first.

Immerse yourself in the world of Colony and become Guardian's ally.

This site is for
entertainment purposes

If you have read Among Us, you know about the Priory of Vesta. Apparently, there is something out there in the world with that name. There are suggestions in Among Us that if you poke around at the group's site you will find inroads. I would caution against that--vigorously. Having them notice you might be a bad idea. Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.



The Concept
of Colony

...has a foundation in the idea that it takes all to create the whole.

Every individual brings not only their unique tribal gifts, but also their own identity to the creation of that whole.

There is always push and pull, force and surrender, yin and yang.

Accepting differences allows for growth, exploration, and advancement.

Resist the desire to judge and exchange it for the pursuit of understanding yourself as well as others.


Find out more about Colony in The Essential Hitchhiker's Guide to Colony,The Colony Series:Volume 7

We strongly recommend the soft cover version of this work so you may fully appreciate the many symbols and graphics.

The Houses of Tribe Play List

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