Clan of Balisk


Guardians of the Waters


Planet - Amrika

Balisk are:

  • Unobtrusive

  • Strong Willed

  • Accepting

  • Conservationists

  • Water Loving

  • Humble

  • Straightforward

  • Unpretentious

With blonde to light brown hair, green, blue, or hazel eyes, Balisk are of average height, tend to be a bit on the heavy-weight side, but not fat, and their overall body structure is solid. They have strong, thick muscles over their entire body but particularly in their legs.

Balisk are quiet and unassuming until a point must be made, or a correction offered. Then, they will be direct and opinionated. Balisk can be dismissive of those who do not readily accept them or their beliefs and behaviors. They are not of a mind to waste time on those they believe dull-witted.

They are very forthright when they communicate, but tend to hold their thoughts to themselves, being contemplative. They are not judgmental, but they are direct and ‘call them as they see them.’ 

          The symbol of the Clan of Balisk is the wave against the evolving moon.


Think you might be part Balisk?
Get more details on this tribe and others inside

 The Essential Hitchhiker's Guide to Colony, The Colony Series: Volume 7

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As Guardians of the Waters, Balisk are fluid and powerful in their physical structure as well as their thinking. They can remain calm under fire then become a powerful surge when the need arises.

I admit I was not sure I could find a musical piece that would satisfactorily represent the Clan of Balisk, but voila, it found me. I truly enjoyed this particular version and video of “Tangaroa Whakamautai” (Tangaroa: Lord of the Sea) by Maisey Rika. She has a lovely, welcoming voice and I was easily convinced she could be a member of the Clan of Balisk, or at the very least a representative.

Later in The Colony series you will meet Zevon, an Ancient Balisk who joins Guardian and Traveler when they leave South America – so unexpected.

For a translation:

Maisey is from New Zealand. An interesting history note is that New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote in 1893. The United States did not give women the right to vote until almost 30 years later in 1920, behind Australia in1902 (Aborigines, male and female, did not have the right to vote until 1962). Finland in 1906, Norway in 1913, Denmark in 1915, Canada in 1917 (Canadian Indians, male and female, did not win the vote until 1960) Austria, Germany, Poland, and Russia in 1918, and the Netherlands in 1919. Source:

If you would like a bit more of New Zealand artists, check out The Black Seeds. The title of this song is “Cool Me Down.” It has the opposite effect on me.


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