House of Tabolon


Thinkers, Creators, Problem Solver

Planet - Blizal


Tabolons are: 

  • Rebellious

  • Unpredictable/

  • Unreliable

  • Genius/Creative

  • Oblivious (to things going on around them)

  • Passionate

  • Tenacious

  • Unrelenting

  • Untidy


Tabolons are tall and solidly built with wavy, thick brown hair that tends to be a bit unruly. Their eye color is in the brown to hazel range and can be speckled with gold.

It is difficult to tell Tabolons from Pentelas in physical make-up because of the ‘twinage.’ One must look to the mannerisms for clues and clarification. Tabolons prefer chaos or at least unstructured activity while Pentelas tend to be rigidly focused on linear pursuits.

Tabolons will be the wildest, most chaotic being in the room, or they will be the quietest, seeming to be ‘somewhere else.’ Tabolons are high creative and as such are subject to extremes.

  The symbol for the House of Tabolon is the open holding of the truth and light of Vesta and the concept of spreading of that truth and light.

(I was told a story of one Tabolon sitting too close to the fire whose coat caught fire and the flames had to be extinguished by others. They say he offered a look of great surprise when they threw water on him, oblivious to the fact he was on fire.)


Think you might be part Tabolon?
Get more details on this tribe and others inside

 The Essential Hitchhiker's Guide to Colony, The Colony Series: Volume 7

We strongly recommend the soft cover version of this work
so you may fully appreciate the many symbols and graphics.

As high creatives of Tribe there is always much going on inside the head of a Tabolon. The steady beat of Black Mills’ “Rain” speaks to their constant forward motion, the slightly out of synch and intermixed instrumentals evidences the mind chaos they experience - sometimes to their detriment. Scattered, a bit out of touch, but consistent in his or her inconsistency is a Tabolon.

Leonardo da Vinci might be offered as an example of how Tabolons allow no artificial restraint to their exploration of all things (not that he was one). There is also something sensual in the beat and the overtones in this piece. Tabolons are equally ‘creative’ and ‘boundless’ when it comes to their interpersonal exchanges. If you have reached book two of the series, Awakenings, you know what main character takes Tabolon as his adoptive house.


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