Multitude of Dragonus

Protectors of the Tribes

Planet – Elova

Dragonus are:

  • Stiff and Formal (at first)

  • Intolerant of Deception

  • Intense and Serious

  • Physically Powerful

  • Fearless

  • Territorial

  • Forthright

  • Uncompromising


Members of the Multitude of Dragonus have a darkness about them. It may be skin, hair, eyes, a combination of those, or just an aura of something quiet and still yet powerful beneath the surface. They tend to have very black to dark brown hair. Although, one branch of the Dragonus family tree has red hair. They are prone to heavy, thick eyebrows and coarse hair.

Peaceful warriors, they are a bit more rigid in their manner and beliefs than other houses. Dragonus do not appreciate highly spiced or seasoned foods. They like food tastes to be basic. They do use salt sometimes to excess.

Logical and attentive to detail in even the most mundane activities is a Dragonus. If one thinks of them as trains with a destination, one will understand that they do not like being side tracked. When they are on a mission, stay out of the way.

The Dragonus symbol is an image of the shield of the great Lord Elnak, considered one of the most influential of all Dragonus Lords. It represents the longevity and adaptability of the Dragonus tribe.


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 The Essential Hitchhiker's Guide to Colony, The Colony Series: Volume 7



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A Dragonus is the epitome of ‘still waters run deep.’ They are quiet, yet watchful, dedicated, determined, and filled with honor. Deeply grounded, they feel strongly connected with the oldest peoples of earth, and their tattoos often reflect that affinity.

Mike Oldfield’s “Sentinel” was an obvious choice to represent Dragonus. As they are, it is primal, passionate, mysterious, and determined.

At this writing, you have likely not yet met Temen, a solid example of Ancient Dragonus who appears in Setting Seed. However, a greater meeting awaits when Tendos, another Dragonus crossed with Barringer, joins Guardian later in the series. I don’t want to give away too much, but I think we would all like to have a Tendos looking after us.


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