House of Anon

Sowers and Harvesters

Planet - Ramead

Anons are:

  • Relaxed

  • Forward

  • Natural

  • Playful

  • Unkempt (but not dirty)

  • Outdoorsy

  • Unconventional

  • Fringe


The Sowers and Harvesters reflect harvest time in their physical make-up with blonde, brown, or red hair. A full range of skin tones exist within the Anon tribe, but always with a golden hue. Look for long legs, round eyes, and a stocky body build. Dimples on the chin, cheeks, or both lend to their friendly, open appearance.

They are even-tempered in most situations and, like the Auwsage, take all things in stride. They have an acute sense of smell and can recite a recipe from a single sniff of the dish. If one invites them into one’s home, they will make it their own. Their feet will be up on the coffee table, or they will be flopped across the bed. 

          The symbol of the Anon has evolved and changed over generations, but always reflects upward and outward growth, such as that of a tree.


Think you might be part Anon?
Get more details on this tribe and others inside

 The Essential Hitchhiker's Guide to Colony, The Colony Series: Volume 7


We strongly recommend the soft cover version of this work
so you may fully appreciate the many symbols and graphics.


The Anon are of the earth, elemental, and seeking oneness with all things. If they could blend with a blade of grass, melt with the snow, become one with the ocean, or change into a butterfly, they would not hesitate.

The Anon choose to leave no mark. Nature is a beautiful thing and they hold it in reverence. While they have control over plants, they prefer to support them rather than change them or bend them to their will. “Hold Me” by Valdi Sabev is the core of an Anon and this particular video is very representative.

If no feeling was evoked after listening to this music and watching this video, my heart goes out to you. Your frequency must be disrupted (or you are heavy in Kaliscarin DNA). Find an Auwsage and see if your frequency can be adjusted.

A word of caution: An Anon under the influence of Fourteenth Tribe will be coercive and dominating in a surreptitious way.


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