House of Amalos


Terraformers and Earth Healers

Planet - Kintee

Amalosians are:

  • Casual/Relaxed

  • Enthusiastic

  • Self-confident

  • Eco conscious

  • Carefree

  • Unpretentious

  • Affectionate

  • Accepting


Most Amalosians have straw to brown colored hair, gray or hazel eyes, and rugged complexions—often sun-drenched or freckled. They are tall, willowy, and physically fit. Their manner of dress is usually focused on comfort more than style. They have long hair and wear it loose or in a back braid.

Kind and generous, sometimes to a fault, Amalosians are flexible in their thoughts and non-judgmental. They have a live and let live attitude.

Amalosians will often show up for Saturday lunch in their running or biking clothes. The term foodie may easily be applied to them as they enjoy eating. As much as they like to eat, they do not like to cook, and after a meal they will disappear to avoid being asked to help clean up.

           The symbol of the House of Amalos is the connectedness of the four elements, as inseparable.


Think you might be part Amalosian?
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 The Essential Hitchhiker's Guide to Colony, The Colony Series: Volume 7

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While the Amalos share a love of the earth with the Anon, they hold power over it and will exert that power when the need arises. They still consider themselves elemental and connected, and most of their interactions leave no permanent damage, despite any criticism offered in particular by the Anon.

While the Anon tend to be extremely laid back in most things (other than the long-standing hostility toward the House of Amalos), the Amalos are more dynamic and vibrate at a higher frequency.

Delerium’s “Flatlands” is a projection of both the Amalosian reverence and their force. They are an experience worth exploring. The Amalosian that works with Guardian behind the scenes in Awakenings is a good example of the quiet yet committed manner of this tribe.


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