House of Calisto

Protectors of the Night

Planet -Vilila

Calistians are:

  • Dual Natured

  • Graceful

  • Haughty

  • Demanding

  • Musical

  • Needy

  • Forceful

  • Manipulative


The Calistians are very pale in hair and skin color with an ethereal element to their appearance. They have an affinity for the night and for animals of all kinds, especially those that are nocturnal. Many of them are so light of spirit that their feet leave no sound upon the surfaces they walk.

They share qualities with the Gathering of Auwsage. It is easy to confuse House of Calisto with Gathering of Auwsage if one does not examine them closely and look for behavior tells.The two houses are very close and conduct themselves as family to an even higher degree than the rest of Colony. Both Calistians and Auwsage are often described as angelic. Above all, the Calistoes love their moon and enjoy swimming at night when the moonlight illuminates the water. (Don’t be surprised to find a Balisk there with them.)

 The symbol of the House of Calisto is three crescent moons of their original planet pierced by a comet tail.


Think you might be part Calistian?
Get more details on this tribe and others inside

 The Essential Hitchhiker's Guide to Colony, The Colony Series: Volume 7



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B-Tribe’s “Angelic Voices” says Calisto to me. Calistians are often compared to the concept of man’s angels in appearance. However, there is always an undercurrent of intrigue with these moon worshipers. Thus, this song with its strong sub beat and exotic guitar chording. It lends itself to both the ethereal and the earthly in the Protectors of the Night.

Do not be deceived by the innocent outward presentation of a Calistian. These night stalkers can be selfish and dismissive of others as they tend to consider themselves just a bit more special than other Tribe members…maybe deservedly so. One devious Calistian finds her way into Guardian's group and the outcome is anything but good.


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