Collective of Mim

Bringers of Whimsy, Mirth, and Joy

Planet -Filnzar

Mim are:

  • Jokesters

  • Non-Conformists

  • Narcissistic

  • Instigators

  • Immodest

  • Capricious

  • Flamboyant

  • Joyful

Mims have dark brown hair with red highlights or outright red hair if they have not dyed it. It will be unruly or elaborately styled, sometimes with bright color accents. For most, their hair is usually dark brown and a bit untamed, but it could easily be multi-colored, streaked, spiked, slicked, or blown out.

Mim are elevated to a level of attractiveness if not by their natural good looks by their sincere joy. They evoke a smile though one may not understand why, and their joy is contagious. They are nonconformists to the nth degree. Short, tall, fat, skinny, long noses, short noses, big ears, little ears, the physical features of a Mim are whatever he or she was born to, and they are completely happy with them.

Merciless teasers Mims often put play before work. They are generous with smiles and hugs—whether one wants them or not—and they desire others to be in joy with them.

          The evolution of their banner is something that could only come from a group of Mim.  If you ask one of the more Ancient Mim how it was designed, he or she will likely laugh before they can speak a word, for remembering the event will tickle them.  Find the story in The Hitchhikers Guide.


Think you might be part Maker of Merriment?
Get more details on this tribe and others inside

 The Essential Hitchhiker's Guide to Colony, The Colony Series: Volume 7

We strongly recommend the soft cover version of this work
so you may fully appreciate the many symbols and graphics.

“The Rainbow Connection” written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher and sung by Kermit the Frog (Jim Henson), in The Muppet Movie in 1979, is one of my Muppet favorites. It is, in my opinion, the best representation of a Mim.

They are like the Muppets--playful, guileless, loving, and always being themselves. Others may sometimes feel Mim are undisciplined and frivolous. However, when viewed as reminders of innocence and mischief one can appreciate their value as they evoke an unguarded smile. Someday I hope we all find the Rainbow Connection. (I can’t wait for you to meet Velmas in Setting Seed.)

From the CD:

From the Muppet Show:

It was interesting to see how many artists have a version of this song. Take your pick.


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